Deer Hunting

Deer Poaching

Deer hunting is a very common activity these days both as a source of food and for a sport. Deer meat is a very delicious meal and it has been one that humans have taken advantage of for hundreds of years. The Indians showed the white man how to hunt for them using bow and arrows. They had both skill and patience that allowed them to have the meat necessary to feed their tribes.

Of course the white man didn’t have the patience they needed for that and quickly took to using rifles or traps for them. There are some areas in the world where deer meat continues to be one of the major sources of food for them. It is very nutritious and it can be prepared in a variety of ways. It can also be dried to create deer jerky.

The hunting of deer for sport is extremely common and takes place at various times of the year. To help prevent the deer population from becoming too much there are limits to the number of tags issued. The heavier the population the more hunting tags will be issued that particular year.

It is illegal to hunt for deer without a tag, and both fines and jail time can be applied as part of the punishment for doing so. Even if you have a deer tag but you hunt in the wrong location or you kill more than one deer you can be prosecuted. There are rewards for turning in the person that break these laws and that is how the majority of such situations are found out by law enforcement.

It isn’t uncommon for the deer to be stuffed through a process called taxidermy. This can involve the entire body being preserved or just the head with the antlers. These are common trophies of these animals that hunters like to keep. They also like to swap stories about their hunting adventures.

It may seem like it would be easy to hunt deer but they are very smart animals. They can pick up on scents and smells from long distances. Hunters use lots of secrets though to go undetected. For example they use soap without perfumes and they don’t use fabric softener on their clothing.

They may use deer urine to pour on their shoes or around their campsite. Small tents called blinds can be set up out there in the wild for them to go undetected by the deer. A tree stand is secured to a tree and gives a hunter a place to sit, watch, and wait for that perfect opportunity to get a shot off.

Deer hunting isn’t just a sport for men to take part in. Many women enjoy it as well. Children that have complete a hunter’s safety course and are with an adult can also hunt with a youth tag.

Most of the time deer hunting takes part out there in the wild. However, there are operations where they are raised and then released on given property for people to pay to go hunt. They are almost always guaranteed to go home with a deer that they killed with this particular scenario.

Learning where the deer are going to gather and their habits is part of hunting for them. A person doesn’t just go out there and get lucky. Being in the right place at the right time is very important. Most people scout out the area to see where the deer are going to sleep at night. There are signs of this by the way in which the land around is pushed down from them sleeping in particular areas.

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