Deer Information

Deer are able to live in a wide spectrum of habitat out there. Some of them live on the plains, others in the tundra.

All species of deer are herbivores which means that they only feed on grass and plant life. They don’t consume any types of meat.

Deer have a fairly long mating season that covers from October through January. This period of time is called the rut.

Deer have a tan or brown coloring to them that doesn’t occur by accident. This helps them to blend into their surroundings very well without being detected.

Deer have a very wide distribution out there and that is part of why so many people are familiar with them. You will find deer living in Canada and throughout the United States.

Deer are often the victims of various types of predator out there in the wild. Canines are a big problem for deer due to the fact that so many of them are found in the same types of environments.

In regards to the deer species out there, they have a very interesting social structure. Even though the males don’t stay with the females other than to mate they are in charge out there.

For the most part deer are very quite animals. They do bellow and make grunts that are used as verbal forms of communication among them.

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