Humans and Deer

There are plenty of interesting areas of deer research that have given us great information. Of course they can also open up some more questions that we actively still are seeking the answers for.

Deer are very loyal to their territory and that creates problems for them and humans all the time. People are building homes and establishing farms in the areas where these animals used to freely live.

Most species of deer do extremely well in captivity as long as they have a large habitat and they have enough food.

Deer are well loved animals and so it is no surprise to learn that they are very common in popular culture.

Deer hunting is a very common activity these days both as a source of food and for a sport. Deer meat is a very delicious meal and it has been one that humans have taken advantage of for hundreds of years.

Deer in Hollywood are more common than you might think. They can be comical at times and very interesting as a way to draw us back to nature in others. If you love comedies then you should watch Are we There Yet.

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